It is used for: special lenses and prisms and quartz-glass tubes for unlamps laboratory tubes and crucibles glass.


The platelet particle shape of Mica offers excellent flexural modulus properties, improved heat resistance, electrical properties and mechanical properties.


Talc, the softest of all minerals is known to everyone because of talcum powder. The softness, flakiness, and stability of talc makes it a desirable substance for many purpose.


In making the body composition of several types of procelain, china and earthenware and also in the preparation of glazes and enamel.


Uses: In cements and mortars, production of lime, limestone is used in the steel industry.

About Us

N Grinding Mills

N Grinding Mills is one of the leading Pebbles and other mineral suppliers from Rajasthan (India), serving the people since last 10 years Successfully, It has established a name for itself and offers a wide range of products that include Pebbles, Quartz, Feldspar, Mica. These Products are in great demand in India and around the globe.

The N Grinding Group

The N Grinding Mills is a distinguished player engaged in the production of a variety of natural stones in various sizes and finishes.

Mr. Nihal Chand


N Grindinghas satisfied the requirements of countless buyers that represent more than a states. Every product that we provide caries the stamp of world class quality. The entire manufacturing process takes place under the direct supervision of skilled quality inspectors. It ensures the best quality at attractive prices. Management

The company is poised to grow in leaps and bounds under the expert guidance of Mr. Nihal Chand. He has been the chairman and director of N Grinding and has been recognized for his achievements. The company's day to day affairs are managed by a team of professionals, technocrats and famed mining experts. Infrastructure

It all started in 1999, when N Grinding started grinding operations in Rajasthan. Today, we hold two factories at prime industrial area of Bijainagar.

N Grinding strongly emphasizes on quality control via its research and development. It has the most accurate and reliable scientific instruments required to test the material and maintain its standards. Qualified and efficient chemists are employed to complement the available highly sophisticated laboratory.

Our laboratory boasts of the most accurate & modern scientific testing equipments to carry out a whole range of physical & chemical tests which include spectrophotometer, particle size analyzers, hi-temp furnace, sieve shakers, pot mill, computerized balance etc.

We are continously doing research to provide our customers the best of all non-metallic minerals range.


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